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Equip your Canter entirely in line with your wishes and needs: there are a host of options for added comfort, greater safety and enhanced driving pleasure.




FUSO genuine accessories and retrofit solutions for the Canter TF

Here you will find genuine accessories and retrofit solutions for the Canter TF to even further improve the appearance, driving comfort and functionality of your FUSO Canter. Please contact us for a personal conversation or for questions about products, technical details or prices.


Textile floor mats

FUSO textile floor mats are made of high-grade velour and are non-slip for your FUSO Canter. As FUSO textile floor mats cover the entire floor area of your vehicle, they clearly upgrade your vehicle.

Rubber floor mats

FUSO rubber floor mats are made of rugged and resistant natural rubber. They precisely fit the floor area of your FUSO Canter and can be installed and removed without any problems for easy cleaning.

ALCANTA seat covers

FUSO "ALCANTA" seat covers look elegant with their velvety suede and offer maximum comfort without adversely affecting the intelligent seat functions. Accurately fitting FUSO seat covers for your FUSO Canter fully support the special functions such as the integrated desk in the double co-driver's seat.

VINYL seat covers

FUSO "VINYL" seat covers provide perfect protection against soiling of your FUSO Canter. Hard-wearing, oil- and stain-resistant. FUSO VINYL seat covers are ideal if you work in sectors such as the construction industry or horticulture.

Sun visors

FUSO sun visors offer ideal in-cab protection from extreme heat, such as when your FUSO Canter is parked in the sun.

Rear window curtain

The FUSO curtain for the rear window protects your privacy when you're taking a break.

Air deflectors

The FUSO air deflector allows draught-free driving even with the window open.

Roof/rear spoiler

The FUSO roof/rear spoiler is mounted on the cab roof and is ideally suitable for box bodies, as it reduces the wind noise while driving in addition to lowering the fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Mud flaps

FUSO mud flaps protect the vehicle, co-drivers, other vehicles and pedestrians against mud and dirt thrown up by the tires.

Chrome trim

FUSO chrome trim lends your FUSO Canter a highly personal touch.
FUSO chrome trim consists of three components:
- Front chrome cover
- Chrome edge covering
- Chrome cover grille

Towing hook

The FUSO towing hook enables the secure towing of vehicles and protects your vehicle's body against scratches and damage to the frame.

Heated mirror

The heated FUSO door mirror makes for enhanced driving comfort, as it improves your vision in cold weather. It is controlled by a switch on the instrument panel.

Exterior mirror strut

The FUSO door mirror strut (long) gives you better vision when maneuvering in your FUSO Canter.

Rear mounting

The FUSO rear mounting allows bodies to be mounted on the chassis or swapped quickly and easily. The FUSO rear mounting dispenses with the need to drill the frame. The mounting marking is on the top of the frame to make it easier for you to mount the body.
Weight: 6–12 kg

Ceremetalix clutch

The FUSO Cerametalix clutch is suitable for vehicles that are subject to high thermal loading of the clutch. This is the case, for example, when towing a trailer or during use on a construction site or on delivery rounds. The clutch increases the transferred torque, is exceptionally durable, has a long-life spline and is highly resistant to heat and wear.

Axle transmission

The FUSO axle transmission is available with various transmission ratios and guarantees an optimal drive, as the axle ratio can be adapted to the particular transport tasks.

Axle transmission with limited-slip differential

The FUSO axle transmission with limited-slip differential is available with various transmission ratios and guarantees an optimal drive, as the axle ratio can be adapted to the particular transport tasks. It also stops individual wheels from spinning.

Coupling ball

The FUSO coupling ball lets you tow a trailer with your FUSO Canter

Trailer coupling (rear bumper and electronics)

The FUSO trailer coupling consists of two components:
- rear bumper
- electronics set

Fuel tank (100 litres)

The FUSO fuel tank with 100-litre capacity is mounted on the right-hand side of the chassis frame in place of the standard 70-litre tank. This makes for an increased range.

Supplemental fuel tank (70 litres)

The FUSO supplemental fuel tank with 70-litre capacity for Canter 7C models is mounted next to the standard 100-litre tank. This makes for an additionally increased range.

Spacer for fuel tank

The spacer for the FUSO fuel tank between the frame and the fuel tank allows convenient refuelling in the case of wider bodies.

Lockable fuel cap

The FUSO lockable fuel cap keeps the diesel safe and prevents sabotage. Reliable in every whether (comes with two keys).

Blank switch

The FUSO blank switch supports various applications depending entirely on your requirements. It is matched to the design, can be integrated in the instrument panel as a horizontal or vertical switch and supports 12 V.

Power take-off (20 kgfm) for directly connected pumps

The FUSO power take-off is capable of driving a directly connected, standardised pump with four bolts (DIN ISO 14). The FUSO power take-off provides the technical basis for your tipper, crane or towing vehicle. It is mounted on the left-hand side of the transmission.

Engine control outside the cab

The FUSO engine control outside the cab enables you to control the engine speed and the speed of the power take-off. It is responsible for controlling the operation of the engine from outside the cab.