The platform for your success

The chassis is an integral part of the Canter's recipe for success. The combination of a durable frame with a universal hole pattern, rugged axles with powerful disc brakes and comfortable suspension make for the unrivalled versatility that turns every Canter into your personal specialist.



The perfect platform on which to build


The rugged frame variants of the Canter are provided with long-term corrosion protection by powder coating and are further optimised for weight, making it possible to achieve the extremely high payloads. The universal hole pattern makes for excellent body-mounting capability, which allows maximum use of the traffic area with an optimal loading length as well as the mounting of almost any conceivable body. Added to this are the 24 V interface and numerous power take-offs for the operation of compressors and hydraulic pumps. 



Variable body lengths


Thanks to the numerous wheelbases, you will find the perfect body length for your application. 


3.5 and 6 tonner now with even greater ride comfort


In the 3.5 t class, independent suspension on the front axle makes for relaxed driving thanks to high directional stability and precise steering. And you need not make any compromises when it comes to payload. Our 6.0-tonne models, too, are equipped with optimised suspension on the front axle and offer even better handling as well as greater ride comfort.