Ready for just about any challenge, whenever you need it.
The first all-electric light truck



A Canter for every challenge

For your daily work in an urban environment, you need more than a light truck. You need a specialist. Or better: a whole specialist unit. A team that relieves you. In the hard work. And while driving. A team that takes you further. Even if it gets tight. Or does not seem to go on. A team you can not rely on today. But also in the future.


Efficient, comfortable and versatile. In the five weight classes 3.5t, 6.0t, 6.5t, 7.49t and 8.55t, with three different cabin types, three engine variants from 96kW (130hp) to 129kW (175hp), six wheelbases from 2,500 to 4,750mm and body lengths up to 7.2m is the right Canter ready for you. The new frame concept offers you excellent bodywork solutions with high payload in all weight classes.



FUSO provides you with this specialist unit: The Canter Truck Force.


Every FUSO Canter is a specialist in its field: the manoeuvrable CITY CONQUEROR. The hard-wearing WORKING POWER STATION. The flexible ALL-WHEEL DRIVE. The smart EFFICIENCY MASTER. Every FUSO Canter is made for your daily requirements in the city: the delivery journey through narrowly parked roads. The load weighing tons. Use on difficult terrain. Or for particularly low-emission driving. Together they form an unbeatable specialist unit. For more efficiency, more flexibility and more performance in every application.



FUSO – an integral part of Daimler AG

But as an important part of the Daimler product portfolio, your FUSO Canter has something more to offer:

a unique efficient dealer network, with constant availability and extensive services. And the joint commercial vehicle competence of over 80 years of experience.


What should your specialist look like? You have a choice. Under five weight classes. Three cab variants. Three motors. And six wheelbases. Get to know the Canter Truck Force. Your new specialist unit for every challenge.



Work power plant
Take the pressure off you. In all serious cases

Six tons of chassis load capacity are an announcement. The Canter 8.55 t shoulders it without problems, while the 7.49 t with a chassis load capacity of 5 t is close on its heels. Both are extremely manoeuvrable - because they are lighter than their competitors. But high load-bearing capacity is not the only relief that the Canter offers you: Its low entry facilitates frequent entry and exit, the new DUONIC® 2.0 dual-clutch gearbox as standard enables fast shifting without loss of power, and its numerous body variants offer you extraordinary flexibility. And if up to 6 t chassis load capacity is not enough for you, you can still extend the Canter by up to 3.5 t towing capacity. The next task is always the hardest? Not for the Canter.

City Conquerors
Take them further. Even when things get tight

Do you work regularly through the city as a craftsman's business or supplier? Then the Canter 3.5 t is just right for your job. With the smallest turning circle in its class and a cabin with width of 1.70 m or 2 m, it takes you where others have to fit. You do not have to do without your driving comfort: The cabs are spacious and the independent suspension provides a pleasant and dynamic driving experience. You will see - the Canter is as light as a car. With the longest body length in the entire segment, the Canter 3.5 t also offers you numerous possibilities for individual bodies. The city's waiting? The canter's ready.

Ready for anything. Everywhere that matters

Snow and ice? Demanding terrain? No problem, the Canter 4×4 stays on the ground with high traction. And that in the winter service, in the city or on paths with high gradients. This is ensured by the all-wheel drive that can be switched on and off. The operating costs are also down-to-earth: with the highly efficient 3.0-litre engine, the Canter 6.5 t is particularly economical and meets the new Euro VI emissions standard. And because there are different tasks in the public sector, gardening and landscaping at any time of the year, the Canter is ready for anything. With robust ladder frame for a variety of body solutions and high payload. Challenge him

All three engine variants for the Canter comply with the Euro VI emissions standard and are exceptionally economical in operation. The ECOFFICIENCY package now guarantees optimal environmental compatibility and maximum efficiency as standard. Yet, in addition to ensuring that your Canter saves you money on the road, we have also focused on the Total Cost of Ownership. That's why we offer you a customised service package aimed at making your financing and operating costs as low as possible, too.

The FUSO Canter. Made for business

Your partner in all areas. Whether horticulture and landscaping, delivery service, public service or construction - the Canter is useful everywhere.

One canter, many possibilities. No matter where you use your Canter: It offers you solutions that are simply convincing.

From 3.5t to 8.55t and from 4x4 to Eco Hybrid - thanks to its variety of models and industry-oriented superstructures, some of which are also available from the manufacturer, there is also exactly the right canter for your requirements. With three cab types, six wheelbases, a very high payload and an optimum turning circle for tight shunting situations, it convinces in the light to medium-weight truck class.

Environmentally conscious and economical thanks to modern Euro VI engine technology and alternative drive concepts. With the Canter Eco Hybrid, FUSO offers a hybrid truck that pays off. Already proven worldwide, it proves its efficiency on a daily basis. Innovations that not least ensure that you are on the road with maximum economy on every journey.

FUSO more than a global player.
FUSO is a global brand. Founded in Japan in 1932, today one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in Asia with branches in 150 countries on five continents and a product portfolio for all fields of application.

FUSO has been an integral part of Daimler Trucks since 2004. The FUSO Canter is the only light truck in the entire Daimler Group portfolio. With the combined experience from over 80 years of commercial vehicle production, Daimler and FUSO are pursuing a major goal: the development of new drives on the road to emission-free driving. With the Canter Eco Hybrid - the first series-produced hybrid light truck in Europe - FUSO has set an important milestone on this path.

Not only the environment benefits from the cooperation and many years of experience of both brands. Together we offer our customers first-class services and a close sales and customer service network.

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