Bringing environmental protection and economic efficiency together: ECOFFICIENCY

Ecofficiency is the name for a standard package of measures for every model variant: higher injection pressure, low viscosity engine oil, electromagnetic fan clutch, optimised cooling system, start/stop system, new axle ratios, low rolling resistance tyres and reduced friction loss in the transmission (with manual transmission). Depending on the variant and area of application, the Canter is up to nine percent more economical than its predecessor.


FUSO ecofficieny



The technology at a glance:


  • Injection pressure increased to 2000 bar

  •  Engine start/stop function as standard

  • Optimised rear-axle ratios

  • BlueTec® 6 for all Canters with 110kW (150hp) and 129kW (175hp) output

  • Tyres with optimised rolling resistance

  • Optimised diesel particulate filter and SCR catalyst (selective catalytic reduction with AdBlue injection in case of BlueTec® 6)