FUSO Canter 6.5t

Canter 6.5t. Through challenging terrain with all-wheel drive

With the new Canter 6.5t you're upwardly mobile. In challenging terrain the all-wheel drive assists you with powerful traction in order to make good headway. The tremendous slope climbing ability, the high ground clearance and the high payload and axle loads ensure the Canter 6.5t is a model of flexibility.


What makes the Canter 6.5t your specialist:



  • Up to 3.7t chassis load capacity

  • Efficient 129kW (175hp) engine with Euro VI standard

  • Good manoeuvrability both on and off road

  • Turning circle from 13.5m

  • Front overhang angle: 35°, rear overhang angle: 25°

  • High ground clearance: 210mm at front, 185mm at rear

  • Manually selectable all-wheel drive and reduction gear
  • Raised differential at front and rear

  • Body-friendly frame

  • Body length: 4005-5750mm

  • 2 wheelbases

  • 2 cab variants: 2m Comfort single and double cab

  • Good all-round visibility

  •  5 year warranty / 150,000 KM*



* T&C's apply.

FUSO 5 year warranty

All models of the Canter 6.5t segment

FUSO Canter 6C18 4x4

Canter 6C18 4x4

  • Comfort, single cabin / 3
  • 129kW (175hp) Euros VI
  • Chassis load bearing capacity: 3660-3680kg
  • Max. body length: 5005-5750mm



FUSO Canter 6C18D 4x4

Canter 6C18D 4x4

  • Comfort, double cabin / 7
  • 129kW (175hp) Euros VI
  • Chassis load bearing capacity: 3440-3460kg 
  • Max. body length: 4005-4750mm

Discover the Canter 6.5t in detail

All-wheel drive

The equal distribution of power to front and rear axles gives all wheels high traction. The all-wheel drive is manually selectable, making for a highly flexible and efficient system. Even better off-road capability is ensured by the self-locking differential in combination with the reduction gear. And if the front wheels are completely decoupled, wear, fuel consumption and turning circle diameter will be reduced. Owing to its wide gear ratio spread, the transmission permits both slow driving off the road and high speeds on the road.


The vehicle is powered by the efficient 129kW (175hp) engine with BlueTec® 6. Low emissions are assured by exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel particulate filter and BlueTec® 6. The injection of AdBlue produces selective catalytic reduction, which converts nitrogen oxides to harmless water and nitrogen in the catalytic converter. Variable turbine geometry (VTG) optimises the engine response while ensuring uniformly high torque at low revs.

Braking system

Good grip on the road, maximum deceleration off-road. Well protected against dust and dirt: the front and rear drum brakes decelerate the vehicle evenly with ABS and electronic brake force distribution (EBD).


The Canter 6.5t has a chassis load capacity of up to 3685kg. Axle loads of up to 6 tonnes as well as an optional 24 V interface and power take-offs ex-factory make for versatile body solutions.

Overhang angle

The Canter 6.5t has an overhang angle of 35 degrees at the front and 25 degrees at the rear. The ground clearance is between 185 and 320mm. The cab-over-engine concept optimises the ratio of loading area to overall vehicle length. This guarantees excellent off-road manoeuvrability.

Cab concept

Our cab-over-engine concept is characterised by a low front overhang and, therefore, optimal all-round visibility – ideal for use of all-wheel drive and off-road manoeuvring. The double cab provides up to seven fully fledged seats, two large stowage compartments under the rear bench seat and plenty of legroom at every seat. The single cab comes with three seats and a large number of stowage options. The centre armrest of the front seat folds to become a storage space or desk.

Control centre

In the new cockpit of the Canter 6.5t, every switch is where you expect it to be. The shift lever is conveniently housed in the dashboard, making for easy through-cab access.


Canter 6.5t – Data sheets by model