eCanter. Sustainable success thanks to successful sustainability

Urbanisation is a major global trend: cities are rapidly developing into mega-cities that are facing various challenges such as noise pollution or exhaust emissions. The growth of such a metropolis has led to an immense increase in demand for goods. In short: trucks are and will remain an indispensable backbone of society. We cannot change that, but we can determine how they are driven.


That's why our entire eCanter FUSO history is dedicated to the importance of innovative technologies that will promote intelligent transport in the future for inner city distribution, because we are the first on the market, we are "Ready to deliver", we stand for "better life in the city".


FUSO eCanter


What makes the eCanter your specialist:


  • First light truck with all electric drive

  • 100% emission free and almost silent

  • Powerful electric motor with 115kW (156hp) and max. torque of 390Nm

  • Maximum torque of the electric motor is already available when moving off

  • 7.49t gross vehicle weight

  • Up to 4.5t chassis load capacity

  • Range of over 100 km with full payload

  • Easy to drive and particularly agile

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Just 7 hours charging time, fast charging in one hour possible

  • Can be charged from a conventional 230 V power socket

  • Battery components are crash-tested

  • No restrictions on use in inner cities and environmentally sensitive zones

Discover the power of positive energy

The electric motor

The eCanter impresses with an optimised powertrain featuring a 115kW electric motor with 390Nm of torque. The motor is coupled to a reduction gear, which transfers the power to the wheels via drive shaft and rear axle. This means that full torque is available right from the start.

The batteries

The battery packs in the latest generation consist of 100 lithium ions with a maximum voltage of 420V and a capacity of 13.8kWh.The modular battery concept with six individual batteries can be adapted to the customer's needs and uses state of the art production methods. This allows a maximum capacity of 82.8kWh depending on requirements.. The charging unit in the eCanter supports charging by both AC and DC by means of a CCS Type 2 interface (EU compliant). This enables fast charging to 80% of capacity in one hour (DC) or seven hours (AC). Charging is also possible from a conventional power socket.

Energy recovery

Energy recovery utilises the braking energy to charge the batteries while driving. This increases your range while minimising stops for charging.

Pedestrian protection

Battery safety

The battery packs are crash tested.

The cab concept

The exterior design of the cab is simple yet future oriented. The interior is geared entirely to your needs. From the comfortable driver's seat, you have easy access to all the necessary buttons. For a perfect overview, you can see all the key information on a 12 inch tablet on the dashboard. Adaptive interior lighting makes for an ambience similar to that in a car.

Modern and simple controls

Thanks to the intelligent combination of elements of digitalisation and connectivity, FUSO offers a new type interface on a 12 inch tablet computer. The driver is provided with even more accurate and reliable information via the new digital display instrument. Changing gear is now easier than ever. It is possible to select driving positions P, D, N, R at the press of a button. The keyless push start in the eCanter contributes to the positive electric vehicle experience, making for easier operation compared with a conventional truck.

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