Genuine Parts

Engineered by FUSO with passion and precision just like your truck, to give you the best in quality & reliability. This means you can rely on increased longevity, availability, as well as enhancing the resale value of your vehicle. By choosing FUSO Genuine Parts you will benefit from maximum performance and safety at all times. The availability of the required genuine parts determines the downtime of your vehicle. Turn to your Mitsubishi FUSO dealer for quick supply of the genuine parts needed to keep your truck running.


FUSO genuine parts are proof of our extensive development experience and are accurately produced from selected materials. They are also matched to the requirements of every vehicle function. By using FUSO genuine parts, we can guarantee you service quality down to the smallest detail. This quality pays for itself while contributing to the safety and economic efficiency of your vehicle. The durability and optimal fit of the parts increase the availability of the vehicle as well as its resale value. Extremely high parts availability is assured by the European central warehouse in Hatten in France as well as by all affiliated local parts stores across Europe.





The benefits of Fuso Genuine Parts