A clean deal: the engines for the Canter

Whether with diesel engine or electric powertrain – the Canter sets new standards on the technology front, too. Featuring state-of-the-art common-rail technology and variable turbine geometry, the engine delivers high torque even at low revs. Add to this the advanced exhaust emission control system, which meets the new Euro VI standard, and the standard-fit idle start/stop function, as well as the new on-board diagnostics and the new high-pressure fuel injection system. These innovations benefit not just you, but also the environment. There are no exhaust or noise emissions whatsoever from the electric motor in Europe's first electric light truck, the eCanter.



Five strong powertrains. Five efficient and economical output classes are ready and waiting for you: 


  • The 96 kW engine (130 hp) with a torque of 300 Nm at 1300-3500 rpm offers a good basis for your company.

  • The 110 kW engine (150 hp) with a torque of 370 Nm at 1320-3500 rpm combines economy with pulling power and flexibility.

  • The 129 kW high-power engine (175 hp) with a torque of 430 Nm at 1600-3500 rpm gives your Canter enough power to handle even the most challenging tasks.

  • The all-electric powertrain of the eCanter with an ample 115 kW (156 hp) brings the future to the road – from the very first step on the pedal.


The engines are equipped as standard with an engine start/stop function and come with DUONIC® 2.0 or manual transmission. The engine start/stop function is part of the ECOFFICIENCY package and reduces the Canter's already low fuel consumption in short-haul traffic.

The emission control system


All engine variants have a closed, maintenance-free diesel particulate filter which regenerates itself automatically. If need be, this can also be done manually. The exhaust gases are cleaned by a combination of oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter. BlueTec® 6 is also employed. As a result, all Canter models comply with the Euro VI standard.



BlueTec® 6 technology


With the aid of BlueTec® 6 SCR diesel technology, the Canter from 6.5 t reduces the exhaust emissions while at the same time optimising the engine in terms of performance and fuel economy. The increased injection pressure makes for improved combustion while lowering the particulate emissions and fuel consumption. The nitrogen oxides are converted to harmless substances in the exhaust system by the injection of AdBlue. On-board diagnostics constantly monitor the system and inform the driver about the fill level of the AdBlue tank. The 12-litre AdBlue tank ensures that you can go about your work for up to 4000 kilometres. Assuming you drive 30,000 km a year, you need to refill the tank just eight times.


Europe's first electric motor for a light truck


The 115 kW electric motor with optimised powertrain is coupled to a reduction gear, which transfers the power to the wheels via drive shaft and rear axle. The full power of the motor is available even when you move off. The motor draws its energy from battery packs, which can be expanded in modular fashion. Each battery consists of 100 lithium ions and has a maximum voltage of 420 V and a capacity of 13.8 kWh.


VTG and standard-fit exhaust brake


The variable turbine geometry (VTG) optimises the engine response while ensuring constant high torque at low revs. The exhaust brake reduces wear on your vehicle's brake pads and discs; it also eases the load on the braking system on long downgrades.