The cab concept. No room for compromises

One thing is always the same with your Canter: its high economic efficiency even under extreme conditions. Because anyone wishing to move things around in their day-to-day business needs a strong and agile partner. The new Canter lets you choose between three cabs without having to compromise on comfort. Agile in narrow entrances, tireless on long journeys: the right solution for every trip.



Cab variants


Specialised in versatility, your Canter offers you a choice of three cab variants. The two-metre-wide single or double comfort cab is available for all models. For the extremely agile 3.5 t and 6.0 t GVW models, we also offer the especially narrow standard cab with a width of just 1.7 metres. Despite their compact dimensions, the single cabs provide plenty of room for up to three passengers. The double cab with optional two-zone air conditioning and extra stowage space even offers more than enough room for seven persons.


Ease of maintenance


One of the aspects that make the Canter a payload specialist is its compact cab-over-engine concept. Even so, all the relevant maintenance and service points (oil level, washer fluid, brake fluid) are easily accessible for inspection. And to enable you to drive off without delay even in bad weather, the washer fluid jets are mounted directly on the wiper blades, where they are protected against ice and dust.

The interior. Your favourite new workplace

The benefits of the cab-over-engine layout make themselves felt inside the cab, too. There is no wheel housing to obstruct entry. Instead, the wide-opening doors with their low and wide door cutouts as well as the non-slip steps make for convenient access to the cab. The focus is on complete freedom of movement inside the cab as well. The absence of a transmission tunnel along with the integration of the joystick gearshift in the dashboard allows extremely easy through-cab access. The special noise insulation of the cab, in addition to the comfortable suspension and interior appointments, provides the basis for relaxing driving.



The seats


The ergonomic Isringhausen seats in black design provide relaxing support to the back and are optionally available as a suspension seat for the driver. In all seat variants, the driver's seat also comes as standard with a lumbar support, which can be adjusted for your comfort. The armrest of the centre co-driver's seat is foldable and equipped with a document holder.


Ergonomic design


Mounted directly on the steering wheel on the left and right are two multifunction levers for the main functions. In addition to the wiping function, the standard-fit engine brake is also activated from there. This ergonomic layout allows controls to be operated without requiring the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel. The air conditioning functions can also be easily accessed and adjusted by the co-drivers. The steering wheel is, of course, adjustable in height and angle, in addition to being continuously variable.


The air conditioning


For optimal air conditioning, we offer a choice of automatic climate control or manual air conditioning, with an additional, separately controlled ventilation system for the second row of seats in the case of the double cab.


The multifunction display


With a clear separation between warning alerts and functional indicators as well as all key information about the vehicle including fuel consumption, temperature, oil level and gear displays, the driver has a view of more than just the road ahead. The AdBlue display, which is integrated in the rev counter, always tells you how much AdBlue you have left.


The stowage facilities


The Canter offers a series of stowage facilities directly next to the driver: under the dashboard, in the door pockets, above the windscreen, next to the double DIN slot for radio and tachograph. In addition, the Canter comes as standard with a lockable glove compartment. The standard package also includes a stowage facility on the rear wall of the cab (except on 3S/6S models). The built-in cup holder is available when needed, offering sufficient room for drinks cans and coffee cups.