You need to specify the column widths.

Canter 7C15D

The 7.49-tonne model can take heavy cargoes to places that were previously out of bounds. When developing this Canter segment, we had just one goal in mind: to produce a truck that can handle any task asked of it. Whether for transporting heavy cargoes in an urban environment or with multifunctional crane bodies, the Canter 7.49 t offers the perfect platform for doing a good job.

You need to specify the column widths.
You need to specify the column widths.
Model Vehicle model 7C15D
Cab type / crew Comfort, crew cab / 7
Model variant 46834714
FUSO Modelcode FEB71GL4WEU3
Wheelbase 3850
Overall length 6685
Cab length 2625
Width overall 2025
Cab width 1995
Height overall 2225
Track width Front / rear 1665 / 1560
Frame height (at end of frame) 830
Ground clearance 185
Cab to rear axle 2325
Cab to end of frame 4020
Max. body length** 4725
Frame width 750
Front overhang 1140
Rear overhang 1695
Front axle to front of body 1625
Recommended distance cab to body 100
Empty weight* 2750
Front* / rear* 1785 / 965
Minimum vehicle weight 2850
Gross vehicle weight / gross combination weight 7490 / 10990
Axle loads Front / rear 3100 / 5990
Towed weight Braked / unbraked 3500 / 750
Chassis load bearing capacity 4750
Max. speed km/h 130
Max. climbing ability (tan q)% 30
Min. turning circle (m) Kerb to kerb 13,8
Wall to wall 15,2


* including coolant, oil, 90% fuel, tyre sealant, tools and driver weighing 75 kg; ** calculated maximum value. Should be checked depending on the body installed and the particular application

Subject to change without notice. The information in this data sheet should be considered approximate. The illustrations may show accessories and special equipment not part of the standard specification. This data sheet may also contain models and

support services not available in certain countries.


FUSO Canter 7c15D

You need to specify the column widths.
Water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler and direct injection
No. of cylinders
2998 cc
Peak output
110 kW (150 hp) / 3500 rpm
Rated torque
370 Nm / 1320 rpm
Diesel particulate filter
Service life approx. 300,000 km
Alternating current 12V, 140A
Exhaust gas aftertreatment
Fuel consumption Total Dependent on chassis equipment and installed bodies
Emissions Total Dependent on reference dimension
PTO (optional) Type 31 kW with flange 62 kW with flange 31 kW for directly connected pumps
Torque at peak output 196 Nm 392 Nm 196 Nm
Gear ratios 1:0,655 1:0,727 1:0,651
Engine speed at peak output 1500 U/Min
Transmission Model Manual gearbox, 5 forward gears, 1 reverse gear
Gear ratio 5.494 - 3.193 - 1.689 - 1.000 - 0.723 Rev. 5.494
Final reduction gear Ratio 4,875
Front axle / rear axle Model F350T / R035T
Load Capacity 3100 kg / 6000 kg
Tyres 205/75R17.5C 124/122 M
Single tyres at front, twin tyres at rear, tyres with optimised rolling resistance
Wheel 17.5 x 6.00 - 127 - 9t - 6 wheel bolts
Steering LHD
Recirculating-ball steering with power assist, tilting telescopic steering column with steering-wheel lock
Brake Service brake Hydraulic with vacuum power assist, dual-circuit with load-dependent brake proportioning valve at rear wheels
Front / rear Disc brakes (252 x 40)
Parking brake Mechanical expanding brake on drive shaft at rear of transmission
Auxiliary brake Exhaust brake (50 kW)
Suspension Front / rear Semi-elliptic leaf spring with shock absorber and stabiliser
Frame Type Ladder-type frame with reinforcements and crossmembers
Fuel tank capacity 100 litres
Electrical system – batteries 12 Volt (100 AH - 760 A(EN))

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