Financing. For your FUSO Canter

If you do not wish to pay the full purchase price immediately, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers some interesting alternatives to cash payment. Your FUSO dealer will be happy to advise you on the various finance products and prepare an individual quote for you at your request.



Standard Financing

The alternative to cash purchase


A Standard Financing deal with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers attractive terms and contract periods according to your own specifications. Together with your FUSO dealer, you set the amount of the deposit and your chosen contract length. The amount of your monthly payments is then calculated on the basis of these two factors plus the purchase price of your new FUSO Canter. And when you have paid the final instalment, the ownership of the FUSO Canter is transferred to your name.



Balloon Financing 

Optimal benefit through financial freedom


Looking for greater freedom thanks to lower monthly payments? Then we recommend Balloon Financing. In this financing arrangement, you agree a higher final instalment to be paid back at the end of the contract. It means that you benefit from lower instalments during the term of the contract, giving you greater financial leeway.



Plus3 Financing 

Flexibility, individually calculated


The Plus3 Financing deal gives you a choice of three options regarding the next step for you and your FUSO Canter at the end of the contract term.


You decide whether to

  1. Keep your FUSO Canter after payment of the final instalment; 

  2. Agree follow-up financing to pay off the final instalment; or 

  3. Return your FUSO Canter at its guaranteed residual value (1).


Seasonal Financing


Many industries are dependent on the weather and the seasons. We adapt to this: seasonal financing is geared to your order book. Because in this case the amount of the instalments is based on your how your business is running. This enables you to remain solvent whatever your order situation while enjoying ideal prospects even in bad weather.

(1) The return option is based on a supplementary agreement to the Plus3 Financing contract; this is made directly between you and your dealer. The agreed buyback terms contained therein are applicable.