The history of the Canter

Historic figures

The Canter has been in production since 1963. During this time, a total of eight model generations and 3.5 million vehicles have rolled off the production line – most of them are still on the world's roads today. Production of the Canter reached its highest annual figure in 2008, at 144,000 units. This makes the Canter the most-produced truck of the Daimler Group.


Canter T720
The first Canter rolled off the production line in March 1963. The name Canter refers to its power and stamina, which are comparable to qualities of a horse.


Canter T90
The second generation of the Canter came out in July 1968. All models were equipped with dynamic and powerful engines (55 kW diesel or 60/70 kW petrol). This gave the Canter the best speed and acceleration in its class.


Canter T200
The third generation of the Canter came out in 1973. The T200 series featured extensive modifications on all major components, such as the front end of the cab.


Canter FE1
In the late 1970s, the market share of the Canter grew to over 20 percent. This great success was attributable to the launch of the FE1 and FE2 model series in October 1978.


Canter FE3
The FE3 and FE4 models were presented in October 1985 under the motto "Today's new Canter, loaded for the future". This fifth generation of the Canter featured a totally new design concept.


Canter FE5
In November 1993, in time for the 30th anniversary of the Canter, the sixth generation was unveiled. Marketed under the slogan "GOOD TRUCK", the new FE5 models were characterised by aerodynamically optimised cabs and high-power engines, such as the newly developed 103 kW naturally aspirated engine with direct injection.


Canter FE7
In 2001 the Canter underwent a facelift. The FE7 was not just given extensive design modifications, such as on the radiator grille and headlamps. It was also powered by new Euro 3 engines, which met the changed requirements of European exhaust emissions legislation. In addition, ABS was now installed as standard in all 544, 649 and 659 models.


Canter TD
The seventh generation of the Canter was launched on the European market in 2005. Completely redesigned, the model scored with significant improvements in terms of reliability, functionality, economy, versatility and, above all, safety and comfort.


Canter TD Euro 5
In 2009 the TD received an engine upgrade. All models were now powered by Euro 5 engines (EEV standard), the 129 kW variant being provided with BlueTec® technology developed by Daimler.


Canter TF
The next generation of the FUSO Canter was completely revised with regard to technology and appearance. In addition, the Canter became the world's first light truck to feature an automated dual-clutch transmission: the DUONIC®.