DUONIC® 2.0: the new word for driving comfort



A comfortable feel to the gearshift with no interruption of tractive power and minimal wear. The second, enhanced generation of the DUONIC® 2.0 transmission not only stands for comfortable driving and simple handling, but also for intelligent solutions such as the crawl function for easier manoeuvring and Hill Start Assist to ensure the truck moves off smoothly on upward gradients. In conjunction with improved shifting logic, the standard-fit idle start/stop function (ISS) and the standard Eco Mode feature, with the new low-maintenance DUONIC® 2.0 you not only drive more efficiently and in a more eco-friendly way than before, you also save fuel and hard cash into the bargain. 



Parking function and manual shift option


DUONIC® 2.0 offers a parking function that allows you to park your Canter securely. You also have the option of manually shifting up and down through all six gears.




Eco Mode as standard


Eco Mode, which is installed as standard in the DUONIC® 2.0, makes it possible to further reduce fuel consumption thanks to early gear shifting. Briefly tapping the selector lever allows you to activate Eco Mode while driving. With this, DUONIC® 2.0 always selects the right gear for the lowest possible consumption




Low clutch wear – no maintenance


In contrast to a conventional transmission, the DUONIC® 2.0 dual-clutch transmission is subject to only low wear. Apart from driving with optimally low fuel consumption, you save on downtimes due to maintenance as well as on the service costs associated with a manual transmission.




Crawl function and Hill Start Assist


In slow-moving traffic or when carefully manoeuvring, this function lets you move forwards and backwards slowly and safely without needing to press the accelerator. And with Hill Start Assist, which comes as standard, you no longer need to worry about rolling back when starting off on an uphill slope.