Canter Eco Hybrid. Efficency Champion

The Fuso Canter EcoHybrid creates the squaring of the circle: high-tech that protects the environment and pays off. Made for your everyday life - inner-city delivery traffic and environmentally sensitive zones. At an attractive purchase price, which pays for itself within a few years. With its powerful engine, the Canter not only reduces fuel consumption by up to 23 % while driving, it also gains energy while braking. That really saves money. And emissions. The Canter EcoHybrid is the transporter of the future.



Efficiency that pays off

The Canter EcoHybrid saves up to 23 percent fuel and pays for itself at a surcharge of only around 8,500 euros (excluding VAT) within three to four years. With a start-stop system, all-electric starting and the Duonic dual-clutch transmission, which is unique in this class, the Canter Eco Hybrid uses the finest and at the same time robust technology. With its equally low-emission and low-noise drive, it is ideal for distribution traffic in urban and other emission-sensitive areas. The Canter EcoHybrid is not an experimental vehicle, but a robust standard model for the tough everyday use

Series production in Europe

The success story of the Canter EcoHybrid: In 2012, the production of the new model started in Tramagal/Portugal. This makes the Canter EcoHybrid the first European truck in series-production in its class. The new Canter Eco Hybrid is based on the experience of around 1200 predecessor vehicles. Numerous further developments around the electric drive as well as the Duonic dual-clutch transmission unique in this class lead to even more economical and environmentally friendly operation.

Hybrid drive saves up to 23 percent fuel in
inner-city traffic

The conditions for an expansion of the market success are given: The Canter EcoHybrid consumes up to 23 percent less fuel than a comparable conventional Canter.

Given a comparatively modest surcharge for the hybrid drive technology, the Canter EcoHybrid pays for itself after three to four years with normal driving performance. At the same time, the environment is relieved of several tons of CO2 and significantly lower noise emissions every year.

Advanced, highly efficient hybrid drive

The high efficiency of the Canter EcoHybrid is based on the further developed, highly efficient hybrid drive technology. It is based on the architecture of a parallel hybrid developed by Daimler Trucks in its Global Hybrid Center in Japan with the additional electric motor between clutch and transmission.

From the Canter with conventional diesel engine comes the state-of-the-art 4-cylinder turbo diesel 4-liter 3.0-liter, 110 kW (150 hp) and maximum torque of 370 Nm at 1320 - 2840 rpm. The engine has an exhaust gas recirculation and a particle filter.

The electric motor of the Canter EcoHybrid is a permanent synchronous motor with a power of 40 kW. The maximum torque is 200 Nm. It stands - typical for an electric motor - fully available right from the start. The usable speed range of the liquid-cooled engine is significantly larger than before. With a width of 110 mm, the electric motor extends the drive train only insignificantly

Powerful batteries with long-term warranty

Its energy comes from lithium-ion batteries. They are composed of nine modules. The air-cooled batteries are housed in a sturdy container on the left side between the axles. The capacity of the batteries is 7.5 Ah, their weight is only 63.5 kg.

The used lithium-ion batteries are not only light and powerful, but also durable. Fuso gives a five-year warranty on all major battery components. It can optionally be extended to ten years. The batteries are powered by recuperation during braking, the conversion of braking energy into electricity.

As a group, the development of the new Canter EcoHybrid has been designed with the highest emphasis on safety. A crash sensor switches off the entire high-voltage technology immediately in the event of an accident. The driver achieves the same by pressing an emergency stop button.

Numerous tests tested the drive for vibration, the penetration of sharp objects, fire and even the action of seawater. The battery container survived even the most spectacular attempts without damage, a frontal crash with 40 km / h and an extreme side crash on the battery side even with 50 km / h.

Fully automatic dual-clutch transmission Duonic

The power transmission of the Canter EcoHybrid is one of the outstanding technical features of the Canter. The dual-clutch transmission Duonic is the world's first transmission with this technology in a truck. The unit is based on a mechanical six-speed manual transmission with two hydraulic wet clutches and electronic control.

Big advantage of the dual-clutch transmission: When driving the next gear is already engaged, which is therefore extremely fast and completely smoothly switched without loss of power flow. The dual-clutch transmission Duonic combines the convenience of automatic torque converter with the efficiency of a mechanical manual transmission. Helpful when maneuvering is the practical creep function.


What makes the Canter Eco Hybrid your specialist:


  • Powerful hybrid drive system: 110 kW (150 hp) Euro VI with 40 kW electric motor
  • Up to ten years' warranty on the main battery components
  • Up to 4.8 t chassis load capacity
  • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 23%
  • Standard-fit DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission with Eco mode
  • Convenient turning circle from 12.2 m
  • Body lengths 4985 and 5725 mm
  • Impressive ride comfort
  • Ergonomic and comfortable cockpit
  • No restrictions on use in inner cities and environmentally sensitive zones

All Models within the Canter Eco Hybrid Segments

FUSO Produktbild Canter 7C15 Eco Hybrid

Canter 7C15 Eco Hybrid

  • 2m Comfort, single cab, 3 persons
  • 110 kW (150 hp) Euro VI
  • Chassis load bearing capacity: 4770-4785 kg
  • max. body length: 4985-5725mm


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