The specialist for public service

The Canter meets the numerous requirements of public service with maximum flexibility: with 5 weight classes, 3 cab types, 3 fuel-efficient diesel engines and six wheelbases as well as all-wheel drive, hybrid and eCanter variants, it offers a solution for every application. The Canter's frame concept supports versatile body solutions with a high payload – 365 days a year. Thanks to manually selectable all-wheel drive, the Canter is sure to keep its feet on the ground during winter road maintenance as well as off-road. The same applies to the operating costs. With the DUONIC® 2.0 dual-clutch transmission and 3.0-litre engine, the Canter is especially economical in operation and complies with the Euro VI emissions standard


The advantages of the Canter in public service

  • High versatility

  • 3 economical Euro VI engines from 96 kW (130 hp) to 129 kW (175 hp)
  • Also available as all-wheel drive, hybrid or electric variant
  • Small turning circle

  • Narrow, 1.7-m-wide standard cab for use in confined spaces

  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple operating system allows use with frequent changes of driver
  • The right vehicle for every body (fire department, waste disposal, sweepers, winter road maintenance, etc.)

  • Variable body solutions for year-round use

  • High trailer load up to 3500kg

  • Excellent all-round visibility

  • Extensive saftey features as standard: ABS, EBD and ESP (except 4x4)
  • Competitively priced platform and dump truck bodies available ex-factory

The most popular models


Canter 3C13 (DUONIC 2.0)

  • 2m Comfort, single cab
    3 Persons
  • 96 kW (130 hp) Euro VI
  • Chassis load baearing capacity: 1425-1475 kg
  • max. body length: 3500-5725 mm




Canter 3C15 (DUONIC 2.0)

  • 2m Comfort, single cab
    3 Persons
  • 110 kW (150 hp) Euro VI
  • Chassis load bearing capacity: 1425-1475 kg
  • max. body length: 3500-5725 mm




Canter 6C18D 4x4

  • Comfort, single cab
    7 Persons
  • 129 kW (175 PS) Euros VI
  • Chassis load bearing capacity:
  • max. body length: 4005-4750mm

Canter 7C15 (DUONIC 2.0)

  • 2 m comfort single cab
    3 Persons
  • 110 kW (150 PS) Euro VI
  • Chassis load bearing capacity: 4880-4975kg
  • max. body length: 3995-6470 mm



Canter categories

FUSO 4x4 Segment
FUSO EcoHybrid
FUSO eCanter

Tipper, platform or plough?

All the information on the numerous body variants can be found here.




Datasheets of our most popular models